Bridge is a data platform for healthcare software. Customers use Bridge to aggregate data from one or more electronic medical record systems so that data can be used to power a variety of web applications. These applications fulfill a variety of functions to improve operational effeciency and patient care:

Typical Deployment

A customer most often installs two instances of the platform inside their instutional firewall, one for a production environment and one for testing. Each environment is composed of one or more physical or virtual servers, scaled to the data requirements of the customer. The technical overview of the architecture provides further detail on the services that compose the platform and the server FAQ provides information on the hardware requirements.

Each environment provides a web interface to all the applications, and the applications run in a modern web browser (with no plug-ins required) on a computer or tablet. Applications can be added or removed to the environment at any time. Every instance recieves clinical data, primarily from HL7 messaging, and is configured by AI process to those feeds. This configuration includes mapping the HL7 interfaces and configuring data dictionaries. After initial installation, these mappings can be managed via the Service Tools application.

When a customer begins a project, we run through a checklist for success.